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DotA Replay Manager 2.05

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1 DotA Replay Manager 2.05 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:55 am


Its been over two years since I released the first version, and I'm still updating it.

I would like to present my replay parser/browser, which I have been developing for more than two years.

Here is a brief overview of features in the program:
Explorer-like replay browser (tree view+list fiew) with functions for copy/paste/drag-and-drop, delete/rename and creating folders.
Auto-copying new replays (from LastReplay.w3g) and batch copying
Replay search with a lot of options like game name, length, map version, player names and heroes.
Can load replays from internet if filename starts with http:
Player statistics (type "Player:" in path bar)
Analyzes game lobby screenshots to build a list of players (doesn't really work, might update at some point)
Shows replays by hero
Replay parsing features:
DotA data is fully loaded from the map, so if the program happens to be missing some info you will be prompted supply a map file to read data from
Displays game information like date, patch, map, game name, host, saver, length, players, score, winner and observers.
Displays player list with level, buildcost, stats, lane, APM (actions per minute) and leave time.
Colored chat view, probably works with other languages (tested with russian)
Timeline view - displays roughly *estimated* hero movement over time - an animated version of the replay with many features.
Hero builds - skills and items
Action charts - including different action types, group hotkeys used, and APM over time graph.
Gold and experience timeline graphs
Presentation tab - format the replay in plain text mode, forum BB codes or HTML, for example to post a replay in replays forum.
Shows -cd pool and bans/picks for -cd/-cm
Shows a detailed action log with graphical information where possible, for you mech nerds (and TDA RAs)

I have included pre-parsed data for many maps, but if you try to open a replay and there is no data for the map used in that replay, you will be prompted for an action:
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"Copy data" options will duplicate data from another version, which is generally undesirable but may be useful if you do not have that specific map (e.g. if the replay was for 6.38 and you only have 6.38b, you can safely assume that the relevant data is similar in those two versions).
"Load data" will parse the map for data, which takes several seconds. "Load data from map used in replay" will look for the map used in the replay, make sure it is located in your WC3 maps folder.
"Save data for this version" means that after parsing the data will be stored, otherwise it will only be used to parse one replay and then will be discarded. You will usually check this box as well.
"Always perform the selected action" will store the choices you just made and use them every time a new map is found. Currently there is no way to uncheck this box if you stored the choices once.

Generally you would choose "Load data from map used in replay" and check both boxes.

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Project page: DotA Replay Manager
Download via mediafire:
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*Credits to d07.RiV
Says d07.RiV and Dark Supremo

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2 Re: DotA Replay Manager 2.05 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:08 am


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lol you didn't hide the link -.-

3 Re: DotA Replay Manager 2.05 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:49 am


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I can still see the link lol!

4 Re: DotA Replay Manager 2.05 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:02 am


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What ever but the programme is nice Very Happy

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